What is a marijuanna microbusiness?

The microbusiness is a rare type of Michigan cannabis business  (in fact we are just the 4th in the entire state!). At a micro, the entire process–from seed to the sale–all occurs under one roof. 

Bringing together cultivation, processing and the sale of cannabis products creates a unique value proposition. That proposition is that we, at Transcend, have the ability to create consistent, high-quality premium cannabis and offer it to the public.

In fact, a Transcend employee can speak to any aspect of any cannabis or cannabis-infused product in our store. We know how the strain was selected and grown because we grew it. We can tell you what days it received water because we watered it. We can speak directly to the method of processing after harvest, whether that involved drying and curing or use of an extraction process. Most importantly, we can personally guarantee the safety, freshness and quality of all of our products and stand 100% behind the THC levels and terpene profiles listed on our product labels.

Our System — “Where Science Meets the Spirit”

“Spirituality is a connection with something bigger than we are, seducing our imagination, creating an urge to know, to embrace the mystery that surrounds us and the mystery that we are.” 

Marcelo Gleiser, Physicist

Transcend’s cannabis cultivation system is grounded in scientific innovation, but equally imbued with purpose and spirit. Our cultivation team has years of experience as care givers and they have developed a framework for cultivation that includes specific technical protocols and benchmarks. The team also brings a spiritual aspect to their work by setting daily intentions and a respect for the cannabis plant and the role it plays in people’s lives. 

It is this blending together of both  “science” and “spirit” that makes Transcend cannabis so unusual and exceptional. We hope you will not take our word for it, but instead try it yourself.